Why the name Barefoot?

Barefoot, as a methodology, has its origins in the medical profession and in Third World Development. The Barefoot Doctor and the Barefoot Midwife were approaches to provide appropriate support services in poor countries, often led by local people themselves.

Barefoot research implies a methodology that is without pretence, sensitive to needs and above all, close to local realities.

In using the name Barefoot, we want to portray the message that we get closer to the truth and realities on the ground.

The barefoot symbol is a profile of our first born son’s foot at four weeks old. His birth corresponded with the start of the company and we thought what better symbol for the success and growth of our work than the foot of our firstborn.


"Barefoot did a fantatsic job of our evaluation. In particular, their approach to working with our service users was very impressive. The evaluation has answered many of our questions, but also asked us more, which gives us a great opportunity for the future."

Jayne Butler, Manager, The Comfrey Project

"As an organisation we felt that Barefoot did an excellent job of listening and understanding the needs of our review... We were thrilled with the final report; as well as being a very good read, the presentation and quality was excellent."

Cath Carnaby, Manager, Women's Health Advice Centre

"I am pleased with the honesty and thoroughness with which he (Christopher) dealt with the project. Thanks to the evaluation we now have a number of questions answered and a clear way forward."

Maureen Pearson, Area manager North East, Parentline Plus