Evaluation and impact assessment

Our evaluations look at both outputs (deliverables, e.g. courses provided, numbers of people contacted) and outcomes (changes in behaviour or practices). Based on an examination of output and outcome we can then make an independent judgement on the impact of the project or programme. We only make judgements based on evidence and we rely upon our methods to gather defensible evidence.

Our evaluations also provide a narrative which allows others to see how the project or programme evolved and major milestones and achievements. This is useful as it forms an analysis of process and also lets others see how you arrived at your results.

Most often in our evaluations we concentrate our research on the beneficiary or service user. In this way we can trace impact back up the delivery chain, to determine if the project or programme has been successful, rather than by starting at the top and working down.

As we rely upon method to make our judgements, we welcome ‘challenge’ meetings to discuss and debate our findings.

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"Barefoot did a fantatsic job of our evaluation. In particular, their approach to working with our service users was very impressive. The evaluation has answered many of our questions, but also asked us more, which gives us a great opportunity for the future."

Jayne Butler, Manager, The Comfrey Project

"As an organisation we felt that Barefoot did an excellent job of listening and understanding the needs of our review... We were thrilled with the final report; as well as being a very good read, the presentation and quality was excellent."

Cath Carnaby, Manager, Women's Health Advice Centre

"I am pleased with the honesty and thoroughness with which he (Christopher) dealt with the project. Thanks to the evaluation we now have a number of questions answered and a clear way forward."

Maureen Pearson, Area manager North East, Parentline Plus