Research methods

Our emphasis on methodology is our strength and it is an area where we are highly qualified. We are specialists in both qualitative and quantitative methods from Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis to Cost Benefit Analysis. When designing a research programme we will choose the best methods to fit the task but we always put an emphasis on critical analysis and discussion through semi structured interviews and focus groups. We are also specialists in process and permissions and have experience of research ethics committees and different research governance and management frameworks.

As the name Barefoot implies, one of our strengths is in social research and participatory methods. Christopher Hartworth was involved with the development of participatory methodologies in the 1990s in East and West Africa. As such we know not only the techniques and methods but also the democratic reasons behind them.

Christopher Hartworth is a differently abled person and as such has a unique role in disability research, being able to undertake what we understand as user controlled research. This adds a different dimension to participatory research and gives us additional validity within disability research.

As we are highly competent in methodology we are entirely confident in the findings that we produce. It is not our personal conjecture that we use to make judgements but the analysis of findings from strong methodology.

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"Barefoot did a fantatsic job of our evaluation. In particular, their approach to working with our service users was very impressive. The evaluation has answered many of our questions, but also asked us more, which gives us a great opportunity for the future."

Jayne Butler, Manager, The Comfrey Project

"As an organisation we felt that Barefoot did an excellent job of listening and understanding the needs of our review... We were thrilled with the final report; as well as being a very good read, the presentation and quality was excellent."

Cath Carnaby, Manager, Women's Health Advice Centre

"I am pleased with the honesty and thoroughness with which he (Christopher) dealt with the project. Thanks to the evaluation we now have a number of questions answered and a clear way forward."

Maureen Pearson, Area manager North East, Parentline Plus